What does COVID-19 mean for you and your study?

With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia increasing at a steady rate, we understand that some of you may have concerns over practical days, placement and completion dates. Practical days Our regular ‘prac-days’ have been a very popular and beneficial way to access trainers, get assessment assistance and catch up with other […]

How to Become a Community Services Case Manager

How to Become a Community Services Case Manager: A Community Services Case Manager will generally perform two roles, the first is to work directly with clients by conducting risk assessments, advocating on their behalf and assisting them in liaising with various agencies. Secondly, Case Managers oversee other frontline staff such as Case Workers or Support […]

How to Become a Counsellor in Australia

How to become a Counsellor in Australia: Counsellors in Australia perform an important role by providing support to people who are, or have, suffered physical or emotional difficulties. By becoming a Counsellor you have an incredible opportunity to assist these individuals to identify and then work through their various issues and ultimately move past them. […]

What does a Web developer do? How To Become One

What does a Web developer do? – How To Become One: The role of a web developer is to design and programme the code which tells a website how to operate. A Website Developer can build a website from scratch, ensuring it is constructed such that end users have no trouble accessing the platform. The website shouldn’t be so simplistic it doesn’t cater to novice users, nor should it be so tricky that the beginner is easily lost.

5 Exciting Jobs you can do with a Certificate III in Business Administration

There are several highly exciting and rewarding jobs that you can do once you’ve completed the BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration. These jobs vary a lot in the types of tasks that you’ll have to do, however, each job is an important support function within an organisation and will potentially provide you opportunities to progress into more senior roles over time.