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Pay as you go, with flexible payment plans

Payment Plans

If you are ineligible for Government funding or assistance, or VET Student Loans, or would just prefer to pay as you go, you can also elect to pay for the course via a direct debit payment plan over a term no longer than your course completion date. Approval is granted at the discretion of the College. Terms and Conditions do apply.

What methods of payment are available?

You can pay via Credit Card, Direct Deposit or Cheque. (a 1% surcharge applies to all Credit Cards)

Payment Frequency

At the time of enrollment, you can choose the following payment frequencies:

  • Monthly (paid one month in advance)
  • Yearly (paid one year in advance)

Total cost will be divided by the number of months (course duration) with the first month required to be paid in advance. The balance is then divided by the duration remaining.

If it’s direct deposit what are the bank details?

These will be outlined on the bottom of your invoice which is issued by Student Services when you enrol.

If this payment option appeals to you, please advise an Australis College representative during the pre-enrolment process.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our payment plans please call us on 1300 887 991.

Term’s and Conditions

By agreeing to one of Australis College’s payment plans, you further agree to pay interest on late payment/s daily at the Federal Government General Interest Charge (GIC) rate and any bounced fee/s charged by Australis College’s bank. Australis College stores any payment information provided by a student securely in accordance with the Privacy Act. On approval of the final payment, your payment information will be permanently deleted. Australis College will not collect more than $1,500 in as a pro-rata transaction for the ensuing section of the course to be completed, in accordance with Clause 7.3 and schedule 6 of the RTO Standards 2015. Australis College will not collect more than $1,500 in prepaid fees from any learner unless the course has been approved under a fee protection measure. For more information, please contact Australis College.


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