Project Management Careers

Qualified Project Managers are in great demand in Australia.

Searching for project manager roles on a job site will show large numbers of available PM roles across Australia. This is brought about by our ever-growing globalisation and infrastructure development.

Projects are becoming a part of almost every company’s activities throughout the world. That is why more and more people are choosing project management as a career. However, not everyone can become a project manager.

You must possess the right knowledge, skills and attitude for you to lead a project to success. In this competitive time, managers have to be skilled at initiating, planning, executing and evaluating projects. Managers also have to be very flexible since managing projects often involve changes and coordination with other agencies and individuals.

Completing a Project Management Diploma will help you stand out from the crowd

Project Managers are hired by a variety of industries and agencies for small and significant projects alike. This is also where flexibility comes in.  A competent and flexible Project Manager must be able to jump from one project to another without missing a step.

Your ability to adapt will get you more and more job opportunities.

Currently, there are excellent project management career opportunities in Australia! This influx of project management opportunities can be attributed to its ongoing development. Every year thousands of projects are undertaken in the land down under, from housing and mining to computer software; making this a land of various opportunities. The main institute responsible for the project management profession in Australia is the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). It is also the largest.

For those who want to get accredited in Australia, the AIPM offers certification and membership to organisations, individuals and even students. There are three levels of accreditation. These are Certified Practising Project Practitioner, Certified Practicing Project Manager, and Certified Practising Project Director.

The IAPM assesses its candidates through their competence. They must be knowledgeable in all aspects of project management. The candidates are required to complete the Assessment Record Book, which entails answering questions and log booking evidence of competence.

The areas covered in the exam include:

  • plan and manage scope
  • time
  • cost
  • quality
  • human resource
  • communication
  • risk
  • procurement
  • integrative processes