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Australis College Partners

Australis College partner with a select group of third party student recruitment partners to help identify and introduce potential students to the College.

These approved partners and their representatives undergo training and agree to strict operating criteria.

They are NOT permitted to:

  • Enrol students (they only introduce potential students to the College)
  • Collect Tax File Numbers
  • Subcontract others to deliver the service on their behalf
  • Engage in door to door or telephone cold calling of residential dwellings
  • Recruit from non-approved locations
  • Offer enticements (we do not offer laptops, cash back, gift cards, free transport or lunches – just a great education)
  • Make any reference to “Government funding training” or “free training” or to Centrelink matters
  • Offer or guarantee employment of any sort
  • Market in any misleading or deceptive manner
  • Pressure or harass any person or business to provide details or take action
  • Source potential students through links on job search websites.

Student recruitment partners must clearly identify that they are an agent recruiting on behalf of the college, and must NOT represent that they work directly for Australis College. Approved referral partners may receive a commission from Australis Commission for the referral of students who successfully enrol.

Australis, like many other training providers, have been the victim of unknown/non-approved third parties purporting to either work for or to represent Australis – in person, over the phone and online. They do so to obtain individual’s private details for unknown purposes and/or to recruit for unknown unscrupulous training providers. Whilst it is impossible to stop this, we are as vigilant as possible in monitoring any activity that purports to represent our College, in order to identify and address any offenders acting inappropriately or without permission.

If you have had any dealings with anyone claiming to represent Australis College (or indeed any other training provider for that matter), who have engaged in any of the above activities or who behaved in any way that concerned you, please advise us on 1300 887 991 or at as soon as possible. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Current approved referral partners and student recruitment agents

Australis College has been in a registered partnership with the following third parties before or from July 1st 2015*.

OrganisationAgreed ServicesCommencement Date
Read Aviation Pty Ltd trading as Aero Dynamic Flight AcademyTraining & Campus LocationOctober 14th 2015
St John AmbulanceTraining ProviderFebruary 15th 2016
Flight Two Pty LtdTraining PartnerMay 30th 2016
Re:Viva First Aid amd Resuscitation TrainingTraining PartnerJanuary 20th 2017

*The above registered partnerships are not permitted to advertise VET Student Loan or QLD funding initiatives on behalf of Australis College.

Prior referral partners and student recruitment agents

OrganisationAgreed ServicesCommencement DateFinish Date
Aus TutorStudent RecruitmentJune 2nd 2015January 15th 2016
Training AdvisorStudent RecruitmentApril 14th 2015July 7th 2015
U CollegeStudent RecruitmentOctober 9th 2014July 3rd 2015
Employment PathwaysStudent RecruitmentMay 13th 2015November 3rd 2015
Nirvana HoldingsStudent Recruitment & TrainingMay 18th 2015August 6th 2015
Top Notch LearningStudent RecruitmentJune 4th 2015December 9th 2015
I Want That CourseStudent RecruitmentOctober 1st 2014December 11th 2015
Australian Training CollegesStudent RecruitmentFebruary 2nd 2015January 15th 2016
Entice Engage RetainStudent RecruitmentOctober 7th 2015January 15th 2016
Funded StudyStudent RecruitmentOctober 1st 2014January 15th 2016
Health Academy AustraliaStudent RecruitmentOctober 28th 2015January 15th 2016
iEducateStudent RecruitmentApril 10th 2015December 31st 2015
iLearn Education GroupStudent RecruitmentOctober 1st 2014January 15th 2016
Reach LearningStudent RecruitmentSeptember 16th 2015January 15th 2016
Ben McGeeStudent RecruitmentSeptember 10th 2015December 31st 2015
Network HQStudent RecruitmentMay 1st 2015February 22nd 2016
TGF GroupStudent RecruitmentMay 26th 2015February 22nd 2016
Vision Finance and Property ServicesStudent RecruitmentMay 4th 2015February 22nd 2016
Buyers ChoiceStudent RecruitmentJuly 27th 2015February 22nd 2016
Axiom CollegeStudent RecruitmentDecember 8th 2015February 22nd 2016
GoodlifeStudent RecruitmentAugust 28th 2015February 22nd 2016
At Ease Natural Therapies (Cairns)Student RecruitmentFebruary 5th 2015September 10th 2015
College of Australian TrainingStudent Recruitment, Training & Campus LocationOctober 19th 2015May 6th 2016
Elleebana School of Beauty TherapyStudent RecruitmentNovember 17th 2015July 15th 2016
Health Schools AustraliaStudent RecruitmentJuly 1st 2015July 12th 2016
EDIFYIStudent RecruitmentMay 6th 2016September 1st 2016
GROW LearningStudent RecruitmentApril 15th 2015November 25th 2015
BAM FinanceStudent RecruitmentOctober 20th 2015January 15th 2016
TactiCall Recruitment ServicesStudent RecruitmentJune 18th 2014May 6th 2015
Impact training InstituteStudent RecruitmentSeptember 2nd 2015July 12th 2016
Earthsentials Pty LtdStudent RecruitmentAugust 21st 2015October 20th 2016
Academy of Skin and Laser Therapy TrainingStudent Recruitment, Training & Campus LocationMarch 25th 2015December 31st 2016
Doyles One Pty LtdTraining & Campus LocationOctober 10th 2014December 21st 2016
Imagine Education AustraliaTraining Provider21st October 2014December 31st 2016
Impact Training InstituteTraining & Campus LocationAugust 10th 2015December 31st 2016
National One RecruitmentStudent RecruitmentSeptember 14th 2015February 10th 2017
Get CourseStudent RecruitmentOctober 1st 2014April 25th 2017
Upskilled Pty LtdStudent RecruitmentDecember 16th 2015April 25th 2017
iLearnStudent RecruitmentMay 5th 2016April 25th 2017
Finance Brokers Association AustraliaStudent RecruitmentMay 4th 2015April 25th 2017
Loan MarketStudent RecruitmentMay 4th 2015April 25th 2017
Lockyer Valley High SchoolStudent RecruitmentMay 15th 2015April 25th 2017
Mentor GroupStudent RecruitmentSeptember 14th 2015April 25th 2017
Red Rock Brokers GroupStudent RecruitmentAugust 28th 2015April 25th 2017
Skills Generation Pty LtdStudent RecruitmentDecember 17th 2015April 25th 2017
Wade FoxxStudent RecruitmentAugust 23rd 2016April 25th 2017
Health Academy AustraliaStudent Recruitment4th August 2016April 25th 2017
Social Media CollegeStudent Recruitment5th August 2016April 25th 2017
HBR Enterprises Pty LtdStudent Recruitment and Training PartnerJuly 1st 2016April 25th 2017
Earthsentials Pty LtdTraining & Campus LocationAugust 21st 2015May 12th 2017
Library Training Services AustraliaStudent Recruitment & Training PartnerOctober 16th 2015May 15th 2017
BRAC Education Pty LtdTraining & Campus LocationSeptember 29th 2014June 6th 2017
Elleebana School of Beauty TherapyTraining & Campus LocationJanuary 28th 2016June 15th 2017

If you have an questions or concerns regarding with anything listed on this page please let us know on 1300 887 991 or at as soon as possible.

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