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The Reverse Mortgage Certification Programs

Reverse Mortgage Certification Program

The Reverse Mortgage Certification course, previously known as the SEQUAL Reverse Mortgage Course (prior to SEQUAL ceasing operation in 2017), provides Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners with an understanding and knowledge of the Reverse Mortgage and Equity Release market and its products.

There are two elements to the Reverse Mortgage Certification:

  1. First Time Registrant – for those who have not previously completed the SEQUAL/Australis Reverse Mortgage Certificate.
  2. Annual Renewal – to be undertaken once each year to evidence your ongoing currency.


The First Time Registrant course covers:

  • Reverse Mortgage and Equity Release Products
  • Purposes of Releasing Equity & Limits on Equity Release
  • Costs and Effects on the Age Pension
  • Reverse Mortgage Regulation
  • Standard Home Loan vs Reverse Mortgage
  • The Average Reverse Mortgage Holder


The Annual Renewal course provides:

  • a refresh on Equity release concepts and products
  • updates and statistics from the industry


Benefits of Reverse Mortgage Certification Course registration:

  • Certificate of Completion (which may be required by Reverse Mortgage lenders or Brokerage/Advice licence holders)
  • 10 Professional Development hours for the First Time Registrant course
  • 2 Professional Development hours for the Annual Renewal course


How to Enrol

  1. To enrol into the First Time Registrant Reverse Mortgage Certificate Click Here – Course Investment $290+GST
  2. To enrol into the Annual Renewal Certificate Click Here – Course Investment $115+GST


Please note: Although SEQUAL ceased operations in January 2017, Australis continue to provide what was the official SEQUAL Reverse Mortgage course. Completion of the course provides the educational outcome as required by various industry employers/lenders/industry bodies. To confirm whether your aggregator/dealer/license holder or the lenders you use require you to hold Reverse Mortgage certification, please consult with them directly.


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