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Community Service Skill Sets


Are you looking for a simple way to enter the Community Services Industry?

Or are you looking to gain extra skills and knowledge to gain a promotion or provide better client service?

Or would you like to branch out into a new area within the industry and need additional training but don’t want to undertake a full qualification?

If so, then completing Community Service Skill Sets is an excellent way to achieve any of these goals and within a short time-frame.

Enter the Community Services Industry or Grow Your Current Skills Through Our Range of Community Service Skill Sets.

Whether you’re looking to take the first steps into the Community Services Industry or to Gain new Skills and Knowledge then we likely have a Community Services Skill Set to meet your needs.

Skill Sets are effectively short courses, which are Nationally Accredited, and either provide specialist knowledge in a specific Sector within Community Services or provide you with an overview of the sector so you can gain a taste and see if you’d like to dive deeper and complete a full Qualification.

Usually completed in between 2 and 4 months, they are an excellent way to gain deeper experience in order to obtain that promotion and provide better client service, or to simply give you an overview of a Sector.

Improve your job outcomes from the range of Community Service Skill Sets.

The range of skill sets we offer will provide you with the ability to take your first steps into the industry or alternatively gain new skills within your chosen field to help more people and/or gain promotions or more responsibility including the management of frontline staff.

Course Outcomes

Career paths include paid and volunteer work in the government, private and not-for-profit sectors and are many and varied. These jobs often provide flexible working conditions and you can be assured no two days are ever the same.

People who work in the community services industry have the ability to make a real impact on their local communities. You can change the way communities think about disadvantaged people while assisting these individuals to overcome their daily barriers.

You will learn to help others grow and discover new ways of thinking and behaving. Become a change agent and advocate for those who don’t have a voice.

The role of a community service worker is a diverse and rewarding one. Graduates can work in a number of varying and interesting areas such as vocational, relationship, social, diverse cultures and education.

Common Job Outcomes Include:

  • Case Worker
  • Community Services Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Activities Planner
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Support Coordinator
  • Family Support Officer
  • Diversional Therapy Assistant
  • Program Director
  • Child Protection
  • Youth Worker
  • Case Manager