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Do You Need Help Financing Your Future?

Study Loans

Study Loans LogoAustralis can now offer you Study Loans, Australia’s first private lending for students and offers a way for students to pay off their course as they progress, allowing for minimal debt left over when they are complete.



  • They offer highly competitive rates
  • Allow you to borrow all or part of the cost through a responsible funding method
  • Simply pay-as-you-go with simple terms & conditions


Which Courses is Study Loans Available for?

Currently, Australis is offering access to Study Loans for the following courses. If your preferred course isn’t listed then please call us to discuss your options as we will continue to expand this list of available courses.


How to Apply

  1. Either apply for a course through us and we can guide you through the application
  2. Apply directly through Study Loans – to apply for an Australis College course with Study Loans simply CLICK HERE.


To get started today call one of our Course Consultants on 1300 887 991 and ask to apply for one of our courses with the help of a study loan.


Important: Australis College simply offers this option as a service to our students, we receive no commission, financial incentives nor compensation. Also, Australis College does not pass on any of your personal information to Study Loans, we simply take the application on your behalf or offer you a unique referral link to their online application process.

Terms & Conditions:
Speak to Study Loans for an indicative quote based on your circumstances and for the full terms and conditions. A full credit and financial assessment will be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

Australis College and Study Loans do not provide finance or financial advice. The information provided by both parties is general only and not specifically tailored to your own objectives, financial situation or needs.


Follow our easy online application process.