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Student Feedback

See for yourself what our graduates think about studying with Australis College.

There are no words to describe how fantastic my Diploma of Website Development was with Australis College.

The Subscription option is the best choice if you are looking for flexibility and need to organise a timetable along with work.

I always had quick feedback from all staff during the course, high-quality content, and the most important: trainers with the knowledge to guide you along the pathway.

I highly recommend Australis College. Thanks, Rebecca and staff for everything.

Gustavo Ferreira Souza Rodrigues

I was a student at Australis College back in 2016-2017. I was taking a double diploma course in counselling and community service work and graduated with my diploma in counselling.

Since then I’ve been doing a Bachelor’s course in psychology and counselling and am 1 semester away from graduating! So I would like to sincerely thank Australis for facilitating that opportunity for me.

Thank you for your time!

Elisha Ferguson

I just finished my Diploma of Youth Work. I haven’t studied in many years and was very nervous at the beginning, The staff were amazing, especially Pauline! Pauline never let me give up and gave me amazing support! I would recommend Australis College to everyone.

Kristy Raphael

I would like to thank Australis College for the amazing opportunities that my Diploma Community Services has given me, not only has it helped me to gain the job of a lifetime but as a result of completing my Diploma Community Services I am now pushing forward to use the newly acquired courage and am going on to do further study.

With the assistance of Australis College articulation program with the University of Western Sydney I am on my way to start my Masters Degree. Once again thank you for all that you and Australis College have helped me achieve.

Thank you

Tracey Ormsby

Big thank you to Pauline, Jess, Wendy, Melisa and everybody else involved for all your help and patience with me throughout this course. I truly appreciate everything you all have done. Hopefully I get to deal with you all in the coming future in furthering my education and skills.

BIG Thanks

Shannon Hayes

I have just finished my Diploma of Software Development with Australis College, thanks to the extremely supportive staff team. Any issue that occurred with my study was rapidly fixed by the expert team, including giving me an extension when I was crunched for time!

Many thanks Australis College for helping me get to the next step in my life!

Daniel Burbridge

My time at Australis College went quickly. It was only the start of last year that I enrolled for a Diploma of Website Development. It’s always been a personal side-interest of mine to understand how developing a website happens. From the beginning stages of client engagement and requirements gathering, all the way through to handing over a working website to the very same client.

My background as a Web Designer as a full-time job allowed me to progress quickly through the design parts of the course and were admittedly the most enjoyable – as I’m more of a visual person. Having that fundamental knowledge of a web developer has allowed me to better articulate my design ideas to my fellow web developers at work.

The staff are kind and courteous. Always putting in effort to assist me through my studies. Since it’s an online course, it’s easy to have knowledge gaps in areas. Teachers were helpful in supplying correct material and extra resources.

I had a good time studying online at Australis College. The flexible hours worked well for my lifestyle 😊 Thank you Australis!

Bridget Behan

I recently finished my Diploma of Health and Leisure. The support I received whilst doing my online course was excellent. I completed it ahead of time and am now working in the community care sector. The staff were so supportive, friendly and helpful, the course was very beneficial and I gained a lot of experience through my studies and placement. Well worth the expense.

Tracey Wheatley

Australis college was 100% the most supportive college I have studied through. All of the staff and the reception people are incredible. No matter how many times I rang a day or the problems I had they were always extremely polite and considerate with me. They are incredible and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!!!!

Brooke Plater

Since recently finishing my Diploma of Software Development with Australis College I would strongly recommend them as a great option for external studies. I was offered a flexible and accommodating timeline that enabled me to balance my work, life & study commitments.

Ongoing support was readily available through my very experienced trainer who was always prompt with her guidance. This support extended beyond a technical capacity, also motivating me through study slumps to ensure I kept on track and focused. I greatly appreciated the personal approach Australis offers.


Rochelle Pyziakos

‘I just recently finished my diploma of child, youth and family intervention. I am BEYOND AMAZED by the level of support and encouragement I was getting throughout my time with Australis! The staff are truly amazing! Anytime you need help you get prompt responses and they will fix any issue right there and then! I have usually ended up dropping out of online courses through other organisations, but with Australis I was finished and completed in 4 months! They are AMAZING! I can’t say enough! Thalia Bailey and Wendy Webber are two very great women! Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today with a new job offer coming my way in the industry!’

Kelly Tsesmelis

I found my experience studying a Diploma of Web Development with Australis College to be a very positive and worthwhile opportunity! I had the best trainer I ever had in any educational platform I have studied through out the years. I got an abundance of help and encouragement. I literally got feedback with in 12-24 hours. My trainer also created the course so I didn’t just have a teacher I could go directly to the source for the information. I learnt a great deal from my experience with Australis College and have used these skills in past and present work opportunities in the Web industries. I highly recommend any student to do a course with Australis College.

Kiriakos Lucas

My experience was great!

I definitely learnt a lot. The textbooks and learning materials helped me understand programming and programmers so much more. And let’s not forget the lecturers/tutors – the most helpful people on the planet. I loved that instead of just giving the answers, they helped us understand where we went wrong and guided us to finding it on our own; which of course helped us cement the learnings better.

I’ve been able to create my own apps and publish them to Google Play. All in all, I’m over the moon that I took the time to study with Australis. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Cornelia Neeb

My study was an awesome experience. The course outline was easy to follow. My tutor was excellent and was quick with her help if I got stuck on something. Great school that was very helpful for the duration of the course. I would highly recommend this course to any person who is looking to get into Website Development as this course makes you job ready and gives you all the knowledge you need.

Chris Madden

I have just finished my Diploma of web development with Australis College and I could not fault the course or staff at all. I found them to always BE on hand to answer questions when needed.

I had a great experience with Australis and would recommend them to anybody wanting to study.

Thank you, Rebecca, for all your help during my studies and all the staff at Australis.



Warwick Rose

Just completed my Diploma in Counselling with Australis College. Easy to read course content backed by tutorials and roleplays. Staff provide an excellent service and trainers and assessors know their subject areas. Highly recommended.

Sarah Benaud

I cannot thank the staff and trainers enough at Australis College for the help and support I received during my studies, They are always close by to answer any questions or to support their students in their learning. I highly recommend Australis for anyone considering taking up study. Thank you so much to everyone at Australis especially Pauline, Thalia, Sean, Jess and Wendy! You are all to be commended on the work you do. Thank you again.

Tracie Hansen

‘Fantastic RTO!!! materials presented professionally, prompt responses from trainers and now I am doing my second dip with them!!!’

Claudine Lee

Great experience! All staff were very helpful and prompt with their replies!

Samantha Cortez


‘Many thanks to Wendy Webber, all faculty, staff and technical team at the Australis College – Dept. of Community and Counselling for being so supportive during my study and training. I have just completed the Diploma Course in Community Services – Case Management and couldn’t have asked for a more integrated team, comprehensive course material, modern-day technology and seamless 24 hour coaching system – Online. It’s been a fulfilling experience being your Student and this has helped me secure a job that I love! Thank you once again.’


Patricia Arora      Winners announcement and pictures from the night.

‘I recently completed studies with Australis College and highly recommend anyone who wishes to further their education to look at Australis as an option. Although the course was mostly distance, the trainers and staff were extremely supportive throughout the process.’

Onyx Schultz

‘I recently completed my Diploma and Leisure and Health with Australis College and found the learning experience rewarding and enjoyable. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to further their professional skills.’

Caitlin Geyer

Great experience! All staff were very helpful and prompt with their replies!!

‘What a fantastic group of people helping thru your studies. Special Thanks to Wendy and her crew in Community Services area.’

Jay West

‘I had a great experience doing my Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine with Australis, their staff were super supportive and I really enjoyed studying with them!’

Sissy Taufika

‘I would like to thank Australis College for making the process easy to complete my RPL and to obtain my Diploma of Youth Work qualification.

The assistance the staff provided me was above and beyond, super supportive and no question was ever not answered in a fully informative way. I found the structure of the course to be very detailed but very easy to follow.

I would recommend Australis College to anyone wishing to take on further study within the field of Community services and Counselling on an online platform as they make it so easy to accomplish.’

Kelly Badenoch

‘I have just finished studying a Diploma of Leisure and Health at Australis College and I have had a great experience.’

Christine Carroll

‘I have just finished today and have nothing but positive things to say about my study with Australis, Judy, my trainer, was so incredibly helpful. She really helped to push through assessing my assignments quickly which meant I was able to smash through the Diploma. Judy is extremely knowledgeable and being able to have that 1 on 1 with a real person is invaluable. Julie, one of the faculty team was always on hand to answer my queries and again, they all went above and beyond to help me get through this as fast as I did. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to study anything.’

Kayla Murray

‘Fantastic group of people, they helped me through my diploma of leisure and health. So much help either by phone or in person.’

Kim Rose

‘I studied for an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine with Australis and could not be happier. The support was always there when I needed and the feedback was always supportive and constructive enabling me to learn and grow. This was a very rewarding experience for me and the course content was above and beyond what I had hoped for. This enabled me to develop my understanding and knowledge and build on the passion that I already had for the subject.
I highly recommend Australis College.’

Louise Tyrrell

‘I recently completed my Diploma of Community Services at Australis College and couldn’t be happier. Australis College offers such an incredibly professional and warm environment to their students. All the staff are welcoming and were helpful from the day I first started the course right through to the end.

I never felt uneasy when I had to call them or send them an email if I was stuck when working on an assignment – they were so encouraging and supportive at all times. They were also very quick at marking my assessments, I would usually have an assessment marked and back to me within a few days!

I am so grateful to all the staff who I dealt with over the last 18 months whilst doing the course, even the reception girls were all lovely. The trainers are amazing people and I am glad that they were able to help me through the course.

I would definitely recommend Australis College to anyone considering studying a course.’

Tamara Owens

‘I can’t recommend the trainer enough. If you’re worried about learning something and not getting support – don’t stress. The trainers are so helpful. You have webinar sessions as well as learning materials – do it. You won’t regret it.’

Nellie N

‘I am thrilled to have completed my Diploma of Counselling online thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement received from college staff, trainers, assessors and faculty management.’

Denise Belcher

‘I recently completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy through Australis College. Becoming a Naturopath has been a dream of mine for 14 years. As I live in regional Queensland and have never had the option of relocating, this dream had always felt out of reach, until I discovered Australis College. I found the course to be of very high quality with in depth learning material and practical, modern assessments. The staff were always extremely professional, supportive and understanding. I appreciate that delivering a qualification such as this via distance education must be extremely difficult, but the team at Australis managed to make it a worthwhile experience. I am so glad I took the opportunity and studied through Australis College!’

Bjorn Paech

The Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course.

Thank you for getting my assignments back to me as promptly as you have, and for making this course so enjoyable I really couldn’t have made it this far without Pauline, she has helped me keep motivated even after my house burnt down.

I would definitely not have finished my course without Pauline’s help and cannot thank Australis College enough for the great learning experience. The course significantly exceeded my expectations. I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally. I now plan on taking on another Diploma with Australis.’

Michelle Ross

‘I have already completed a diploma of Counselling and now doing a Diploma of Youth work and have found the Community and Counselling Faculty at Australis College to be amazing. I receive informative feedback, support both in live classes, phone and email and nothing is ever a problem for Wendy and her team. Being a single full time working mother I thought study was out of my reach but Australis College has motivated me time and time again to better myself through education.’

Julie Millar

‘I chose to study my diploma of leisure and health with Australis whilst travelling abroad; I think this is a perfect reflection of how much of an excellent online service provider Australis is. I was particularly happy with how easily accessible the course material was, in addition to how easily contactable my trainers were. I had a positive experience studying through Australis; I’d be happy to complete study through Australis again in the future, in addition to recommending them to any future students.’

Alexandra Cox

‘I just completed a Cert 4 course through Australis College in Youth Work. The trainers and staff were extremely helpful and very supportive with my studies and I strongly recommend them if you want to study and get a qualification. I will do my further studies in the future with them as they went above and beyond the call of duty with their support. ‘

Adam Butler

‘I am so thankful I chose to do my studies at Australis College. They have been very helpful and provided me with the support I needed to complete my Diploma. I would definitely recommend Australis College, community and counselling faculty to anyone wishing to pursue a career in community services.’

Emmaleigh Nokes

‘Australis College and my trainer Phil made completing my diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management course so easy! Phil always gave positive, constructive feedback and ensured that I had an endless amount of support to help complete my studies. I definitely recommend Australis College for all future students!’

Kaitlin Donaldson

‘I have just completed my Diploma in Counselling. I loved the course and the entire experience of studying with Australis College! The staff’s response and assistance is prompt and their feedback helpful and encouraging. The online platform was also easy to use. Would highly recommend anytime.’

Jana Maddock

‘Australis college is an amazing college to do online study through. The modules are informative and set out extremely well and easy to understand. The trainers were only a phone call or email away and always got back straight away. My trainer Thalia Bailey was supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable about the area of study that I was undertaking and I cannot recommend either Thalia or Australis College highly enough. Thank you all.’

 Janet Brooks

‘The study that I have completed with Australis College has enabled me to successfully secure an amazing career opportunity as a ‘Local Area Coordinator” working for a Queensland NGO in partnership with the NDIS.

My role will be to support participants with a disability accessing the NDIS to build a plan that provides an opportunity to access supports relevant to their individual needs. This gives the participants choice and control regarding the supports they receive to live an ordinary life.

I would like to thank the staff at Australis College for their ongoing support while I have been studying for the Diploma of Leisure and Health.’

Tracey Lincoln

‘What a fantastic course, I just finished my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking and was lucky enough to have Lea Green guiding me through the course. The course was well structured and having found a job already I can definitely say that it was Industry specific, no question was knocked back and Lea was wonderfully accommodating and quickly responded to any queries, thank you so much!’

Gerhard Sifkovits

‘After completing a diploma of leadership and management I must say I am quite happy with the service provided from Australis College. I had the pleasure of having Julie Aspin as my mentor. Julie was always able to make me feel comfortable when doing practical assessments which I was a little nervous about and was also very supportive and encouraging towards my self improvement. Thank you Julie and Australis College.’

Amber Cheasley

‘I have recently completed a Diploma of Business. I had so much support and awesome help from my trainer. Overall an amazing College.’

Breanna Roberts

‘This was the easiest enrolment ever!! Filled out an on-line enquiry and was enrolled within 2 days. Course content sent the very next day. My Educator was available through most mediums and provided advice when I needed it and gave thorough useful feedback. Self-paced learning is excellent and I was provided ample time to complete my Diploma of Leadership and Management. Thanks to Julie Aspin who made my dream a reality – and for being Mrs Smith during the role play 🙂 Highly recommend Australis College for your educational pathway when looking to advance in your professional field.’

Trish Callope

‘As a mature age student undertaking my first online course I was, I must admit, a little anxious. Those concerns were quickly dispelled by Wendy and her staff at Australis College. With a clear course outline, excellent advice and service help throughout by industry professionals, quick response times to my frequent calls and questions, I was immediately struck by how easy they had made it for me to complete my course. There is no doubt in my mind that without their warm, instructive, and timely assistance I would have stumbled several times during the year. I cannot recommend Australis highly enough as a RTO delivering excellent client service and expertise not often seen in today’s busy world. To Wendy and her team I say thank you for all of your help and wish you only the very best.’


‘I have recently completed an Adv Dip Naturopathy and Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine. I found the online delivery of information easy to navigate and learn from. I enjoyed having access to both written education and webinar delivery. All my interactions with staff were pleasant and helpful.’

Tracey McLean

‘I just completed an advanced diploma of naturopathy with Australis college, and I am glad that I choose them as my college. As english is my second language, I was quite nervous studying online platform. They were always helpful when I required assistance. I think Australis provided great student service as well as having awesome trainers with excellent knowledge.’

Mayumi Kojima

‘I recently completed a Diploma of Business Administration through Australis College online, while I working full time, Julie was my instructor throughout the entire course & was a great help whenever I needed extensions due to work commitments & if I had any questions regarding the assignments.’

Kaarina Powell

‘I chose to study with you because I found the staff so friendly and approachable. They went out of their way to accommodate my needs to help me achieve my goal of further study to improve my job prospects. Their course materials are very detailed, informative and easy to follow. My trainer is very friendly, supportive and always ready to give assistance whenever needed. The whole team seemed to be flexible and ready to help.’

Ruth McCabe

‘With two new additions to my family, I needed to make a career change that increased my earning capacity and provided a work-life balance. The decision to study was daunting but, after finding Australis College online, it became easy and straight forward. The course delivery and expert trainers made study so easy. I have to say that Leisa Crew, in particular, was and still is an amazing resource that I can tap into.

Australis helped me to successfully transition from trading as a sander to becoming the managing director of my own mortgage broking business, Sunstate Financial. I have complete confidence in delivering a range of mortgage products and helping customers better manage their mortgage and wealth building. The flexible learning options made it easy for me to manage my work and study loads, and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of changing careers.

Studying with Australis has been phenomenal—I now have a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and I’ve never been so confident about my future.’

Jared Engwirda

‘I had undertaken a 12 month Diploma of Leadership and Management course and successfully completed with the help of trainer and assessor Julie Aspin who was fantastic in helping me. I also required an extension of this course which was given and I really appreciated the flexibility and support these guys gave me. I would like to thank you all and I am so happy I have completed this course. Thanks everyone!’

Aisling May

‘Judy is an exceptional lady and I also dealt with David. If the rest of your staff is anything like these two people you should succeed as a well-known college in no time. I for one will be telling all those who I know.’

Colleen Meddleton

‘I can not speak highly enough of Australis College. The structure of the course and the level of support offered throughout from all the trainers is conveyed at very high level. In particular, my trainer and mentor Ian Franklin provided me with a wealth of knowledge to which I will now use as I transition into the finance industry. Australis College reputation exceeds it as a training organisation which I became aware of after securing a position with a finance company within a couple of weeks of completing the course. I would like to thank Ian Franklin and Australis College as now I look forward to starting my new career as a mortgage broker.’

Clancy Auriac

‘I found the contents and the overall structure of the courses to be very well put together. In my humble opinion, I believe the assessment activities, including the project work, for each unit were ‘spot on’ in respect to ensuring that a high level of learning capabilities was achieved by successfully completing each Project Management, Business, and Management unit.’

Paul King

‘I found the whole course fantastic (Diploma of Business Administration). I learnt so much in doing this course compared to what else was being offered by other learning institutions. The support of the course team was great and I believe that they went above and beyond and had a sincere interest in you and your future.

I was looking for a change in careers and Australis has given me the tools to peruse that change. Friendly, supportive and encouraging staff help you take that first step and follow you through your journey to achieve your ultimate goal.’

Nicole Cameron

‘I just would like to let you know how pleased I am with my trainer, Ms. Judy Fisher, for her ongoing support and instructions. Judy has made this whole studying experience a very enjoyable one. I don’t have to stress about the key concepts I don’t understand. Judy explains the issues that I have problems with so thoroughly and so adequately. She is always there to return my emails and calls me to answer all my questions. After listening to her webtutes, I feel confident with my learning progress.

Judy has been an absolutely fabulous teacher, and I am very pleased to complete my Diploma of Financial Planning with her guidance and instructions.’

Sahar Dahesh

‘The Cert III in Business Administration was easy to work through as the Learning support material was very informative, relevant and easily followed. Once you read through the Learning support material the assignments were able to be completed without too much difficulty and it was helpful to be able to refer back to the support material when necessary. The feedback provided by the trainer was constructive and prompt and assignments were marked within a day or two of submitting them.

The support provided by the College for any technical irregularities was very prompt. Completing the course online suited me as it is self paced and you could fit it in during any free time day or night.’

Lehte Kruusmaa

‘My trainer was a good mentor, gave me the encouragement and support i need to help achieve the completion of my course. I have learnt a lot about business and gave me the courage to further my studies, well worth my time.’

Carl Comeskey

‘I feel privileged to have had the benefit of your knowledge & guidance through the process and sincerely thank you for your patience and empathy.’

Phil Harbrow

What our students have to say

‘Thank you Sam and I would also like to say a very big ‘thank you’ for your prompt assistance whenever I needed some clarification on questions. It was greatly appreciated and I have already passed on your contact details to other book-keepers who have questioned me on the way forward with the new legislation.’

Jan Roberts – Director, JR Executive Services

‘I recently completed my RPL Certificate IV in Bookkeeping with Intellitrain. There were many other training organisations I could have completed my course with but after researching and speaking with other training organisations Intellitrain had everything to offer and more. I had the pleasure of dealing with Samantha Mclellan who was able to set me on the right path. Samantha was not only helpful but very professional and it was such a pleasure to have her guide me along the way. The course is fantastic for new bookkeepers and also for Senior Bookkeepers like myself wanting to gain further qualifications. Thumbs up Intellitrain as you represent the highest standards of what a training organisation is all about!’

Paris (Voula) Mitsakis – Millenium Business Centre – Registered Tax/BAS Agents

‘The Certificate III in Business Administration was very helpful for me, it showed me some new skills and strengthened the skills I had already. Cameron my trainer was very helpful with providing feedback when I needed it, and help boost my confidence when I needed it. All in all the experience I had with my first Australis Certificate has made me want to continue on completing more with the College online.’

Stef Dwyer

‘Very, very good (or excellent) knows what he is talking about, heaps of experiences and scenarios new people in the business could take note and learn.’


‘Thank you very much for everything you and your company has done for me. It was a great experience and I will have no trouble recommending others to use your company to gain any important qualifications. Thanks again.’

Brittny Ward

What employers have to say

‘Lots of great practical information delivered in a realistic easy to understand way.’

Marc Adam

‘I am very happy I did the courses on BAS and Payroll with Intellitrain. The BAS course is very detailed and thorough and covers many of those areas that I knew were there but have never come across in past employment. It was very good to cover these, and the Payroll, and use MYOB again. What a week! Would you believe I have a new job? Went for an interview on Friday morning and was offered the job on Friday afternoon and agreed to commence today!’

Cecily Vyden

‘This is just a quick note to let you know that the training was conducted in a very professional manner. The content was clear and the tutor was able to deliver the course in a very “user friendly format”. His knowledge and background in the industry was also a credit to him as he could identify with our industry. I personally gained a lot out of the course and I thought it was great.’

Fayroza Esat – LJ Hooker Financial Services

What brokers and employers have to say

‘I recently completed the Diploma of Project Management and I found your customer service and cooperative assistance to be outstanding. From start to finish nothing was to much trouble for you and the information along the way to assist with all aspects of the course were very good. Your assessor also was very knowledgeable and informative conducted himself very professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending Intellitrain and especially yourself to any potential candidates in the future.’

Brett Gartner, Sunstate Group QLD

‘It would be my pleasure to recommend this course to any prospective people who are considering a profession in the finance industry who seek the required and necessary training and education.’

Wayne Joliffe, Australian Unity

‘Excellent course.’

James Currie

‘I completed my studies while still working as a Project Manager for a major engineering organisation. Selecting Australis as my education provider was a no brainer. The in-house knowledge, mentoring opportunities, course structure and flexible learning options allowed me to complete my course while working full time. It also meant that I could hit the ground running when establishing my own finance and mortgage broking business, Finance Engineering Australia.

My qualification in finance and mortgage broking management with Australis helped me to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence I needed to work in a variety of roles. My trainer, Leisa Crew, has been an ongoing mentor for me, from my initial interest in the course through to my market strategy for Finance Engineering. Leisa’s mentoring support has continued even after completing my studies.

I would recommend aspiring students to study mortgage broking at Australis College—the unlimited support and exceptional course content guarantees a high calibre of graduates.’

Simon Yeh

‘The course content and delivery were first class. After many years of Residential Lending I now have the confidence to tackle SME Lending.’

James Gillard

‘I found the course content to be very valuable and interested. The online support that’s provided is next to none. I was able to watch webinars and gain a greater understanding of the course. I have also experienced a great level of service with the assignment submissions and marking process.

I am now qualified and this has resulted in a 100% increase to our branch revenue. I highly recommend, Intellitrain to anyone who is considering entering the Financial Sector or even to upskill themselves.’

Alicia Tan

‘Once again I wanted to thank you for all your help, you have been a fantastic mentor and I will definitely be contacting you in the future.’

Ishnima Naidu

‘I have just received my Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) – What a great feeling and wish I had completed it sooner! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course and how great everybody at Intellitrain has been to work with. Everyone has been very supportive and helpful. I appreciated the thoroughness of the content that was delivered and the standard to which we were held in order to pass the course.’

Brenda Haglund

‘With my new Diploma and after a little more experience in my new field of employment, the job prospects and income levels look very impressive. Once again, thank you so very much. Best wishes to you all.’

Richard Irwin

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