Student Feedback

Rachael Ashcroft

I have recently completed the Diploma Of Child, Youth and Family Intervention at Australis College and I can not recommend this provider enough. Not only is the course itself absolutely… Read more “Rachael Ashcroft”

Rachael Ashcroft

Adam Butler 

I just completed a Cert 4 course through Australis College in youth work. The trainers and staff were extremely helpful and very supportive with my studies and I strongly recommend… Read more “Adam Butler “

Shannon Hayes 

Big thank you to Pauline, Jess, Wendy, Melisa and everybody else involved for all your help and patience with me throughout this course. I truly appreciate everything you all have… Read more “Shannon Hayes “

Tracey Wheatley 

I recently finished my Diploma of Health and Leisure. The support I received whilst doing my online course was excellent. I completed it ahead of time and am now working… Read more “Tracey Wheatley “

Bec Lulu

Australis college have been an amazing support over the duration of my course. They have provided me with all the support i needed and were always there to assist me… Read more “Bec Lulu”

Bec Lulu

Brett Gartner

I recently completed the Diploma of Project Management and I found your customer service and cooperative assistance to be outstanding. From start to finish nothing was to much trouble for… Read more “Brett Gartner”

Patricia Arora 

Many thanks to Wendy Webber, all faculty, staff and technical team at the Australis College – Dept. of Community and Counselling for being so supportive during my study and training.… Read more “Patricia Arora “

Patricia Arora

Elisha Ferguson

I was a student at Australis College back in 2016-2017. I was taking a double diploma course in counselling and community service work and graduated with my diploma in counselling. … Read more “Elisha Ferguson”

Penney London

First time studying online, Pauline helped me set up a schedule to aim to complete Assignments. Work to a plan. Finish my goal to become a counsellor. Thank you very… Read more “Penney London”

Penney London

Pearl K

I just finished a Diploma of Counselling with Australis College. The support from the college was outstanding, because the trainers are knowledgeable about the study material; they are available to… Read more “Pearl K”

Tracey Ormsby 

I would like to thank Australis College for the amazing opportunities that my Diploma Community Services has given me, not only has it helped me to gain the job of… Read more “Tracey Ormsby “

Kelly Tsesmelis 

I just recently finished my diploma of child, youth and family intervention. I am BEYOND AMAZED by the level of support and encouragement I was getting throughout my time with… Read more “Kelly Tsesmelis “