Why Australis?

Your time, money, and your future career, are too important to risk with the wrong training provider.

Australis College focuses on the Community Services sector providing students with real-world skills, knowledge, confidence, and next step know-how needed to advance in their chosen community services career.

Consider the following points on what to look for when choosing a training provider, and how Australis manage each one.

Is the provider you are considering an educator, or simply running a business offering education?

We are founded, owned, and run by education lifers who love what we do. We love getting in front of the classroom; we love teaching, creating, and delivering great content; and we love helping people change their lives and the lives of others.

Do you want to learn from a jack of all trades, or a focused provider?

We don’t offer all things to all students but focus on the provision of courses related to the Community and Counselling industry. We only play where we have a strong pedigree, a depth of highly competent and experienced trainers, connections to industry, and articulation pathways to Universities.

We do NOT offshore your training and assessment.

If you want a great learning outcome, you need to be trained and supported by people who have actually worked in the industry, doing the roles you intend to do.

How much genuine real-world learning can you expect from trainers who may have done little more than complete the course you intend to do? Our team is all based in Australia, is industry experienced, and continually upgrading their skills. Speak to the trainers and assessors and quiz them BEFORE you enrol.

Quality learning outcomes come from liaising with quality industry practitioners who work in the field you want to learn about, using quality contextualised learning materials.

We author most of our content (with the exception of a small number of licensed subjects), written by Industry experts who have worked in the role (not just researched it).

Access to great content and trainers is the key difference between graduating with a piece of paper and not much else; versus graduating with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and next step know-how you need to succeed.

No matter what course you enrol in whether it be Pay as you go; Skill Sets, Certificates and Diplomas, you can have up to virtually unlimited access to our industry-experienced trainers and support team, with student-to-trainer ratios that ensure you are not lost in the crowd.

Support includes Online Live Chats which are open almost all business hours (QLD), supplemented by regular after-hours sessions. Also, Focused Online Live Classes, One on One practical sessions with a Trainer, Course Inbox email support, and more, to ensure you receive the support you need.

Most of our students lead busy lives with competing demands on their time. We also understand that individuals learn in different ways and are looking for different things from their study journey. That is why we offer flexible options to suit your personal needs and situation.

You can choose to enrol into a single unit in ‘Pay As You Go’ with three months access through to a full unit with a set deadline. 

You can enrol and start anytime, no waiting for a term to start. You can choose to access support throughout your course or if you are already working in the industry you may choose to do the ‘Assessment Only’ option or RPL. 

One of the most critical components of successful study is receiving feedback as you go. Therefore, ensure you choose a provider who will assess each question as you submit it, not one that requires you to first submit everything before they start assessing you.

By being assessed as you go, as we do at Australis, you will learn more, require fewer re-submissions, progress more quickly, and be far more likely to graduate.

Many providers take anywhere from weeks to months to assess your work!

Such delays are not only frustrating, but can impact your motivation, increase the course length and cost, and reduce your likelihood of graduating. Doing re-submissions months after your first attempt can be very annoying indeed.

At Australis, you will typically be assessed within five business days, and often much faster than that.

We offer a range of payment options to better suit your lifestyle and budget.

Interest-free Payment Plans are available for most full courses and some of the ‘Per Subject’ Assessments. Even better, with an Australis Payment Plan, you don’t keep getting billed if you withdraw from the course. Be careful as many Providers keep billing you for the entire course even if you exit early.

State Government subsidies may be available for eligible students studying approved Certificates and Diploma’s. Check individual courses for more information.

The Queensland Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills Program can be used by eligible students to access subsidised Certificates and Diplomas, as well as traineeships in South Australia. Check individual courses for more information.

Private tuition loans issued by Study Loans are available for eligible students undertaking approved courses. Check individual courses for more information.

It’s nice to have won some awards, but we are far more proud of the many nominations and awards our graduates and team have achieved. This includes Trainer and Student of the Year Awards, Industry New Entrant Awards and Top Practitioner awards, Higher Education Scholarships and more.

Check out some of our students stories HERE.

We have been recognised as a preferred supplier by some of Australia’s largest companies and Professional Associations and been approved as a training/auspice partner by Universities, TAFE QLD and multiple Independent Providers.